Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another slide in camper

Well i did it again. just got the motorhome all scraped out and i picked up another pickup camper. this one is a bit smaller than the last one. the new one fits completely in the bed of my dodge, i can even close the tail gate. this will camper will need some work (surprise) but not much. i hope that with the camper on the back of the truck i will be able to haul my trailer that i hauled behind the motorhome at speeds above 40mph. i found that while going from some friends house to the camp ground in NC that the trailer is not very stable behind a truck. it was fine behind the motorhome but that was do to either the taller tow vechile or the weight. i guess ill find out when i go to tow the trailer out of here. pics to come soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

454 out

finally got the motor out of the motorhome. now the work of cutting up the frame and turning it in for scrap. hard to see but thats a 454 hanging from the hoist. after changing motormounts, removing the power stearing, ac pump, and smog pump, then a paint job, she will be ready to go into the 63.