Thursday, August 28, 2008

another deal

i couldnt leave things alone. i ended up trading the ford for this motorhome. its a 27ft. 1985 with a 454 with 76,000 miles.
i had to clean it top to bottom. it had been sitting for a few years and had cob webs all over.
the side was coming loose so with typical fasion i tore into it to find a heck of a mess. all the wood was rotten and had to be replace. ants had made several nests in the walls.
even around the onboard generator was rotted. it took a few weeks to get the outside put back together. now im working on the back bedroom. ive been staying in it and sleeping on the couch. everything works in it. fridge, stove, microwave, ac, heat, everything. the generator works great, runs quite, and will power the whole coach.

some people have all the luck.

some more dealin i did. i traded the silver fzr for this truck. its an 82 f150 4x4. 3" lift with 33" tires.
pretty solid truck over all. just a little rust starting to come through.

63 chevy short bed fleetside

some more wheelin and dealin, traded my big 88 chevy blazer for this 63 chevy pickup.
it does run, but needs some work. nothing i cant handle. it should keep me busy for awhile.

yz490 yz400

white and red is a 88 yz490 yellow is a 79 yz400
i got these by trading the slide in camper for them. i had to take it to indy and pick these up. not too bad of a deal i think. ive had these for a few months. the 400 i traded off for a carb and intake and the 490 runs pretty good. lots of power.