Thursday, April 15, 2010

I knew i wouldnt be able to just let the new truck sit in the yard. Ive spent the last couple days working on small things. Today I built a new battery box for it, lowered the rear of the cab by almost an inch and replaced the front core support lift blocks. What was there was a joke, so i ripped it out and fabbed up a couple 3" blocks. Now the front bumper doesent look crooked. I also tore the dash out (every gm i have ever had ive had to take the dash out) fixed a few burnt bulbs and found that the line on the back of the circut for the fuel gauge is burnt. but someone already added a new wire to the tank to replace it. the guage was reading way past full so my next step is to drop the tank and check the sending unit. ill wait to do that till after a trip to the junk yard, so i will have a replacement sending unit ready. One of the KC lights glass is broke so i put the broke one in the middle, so if/ when it burns out it will be the middle one. Checked and fill both the front and rear axles. I will do a comple oil change before i make it a daily driver.

The other day while testing the 4 wheel drive i found out that one of the front lockouts is broke. They dont sell the spicer brand anymore so ill be switching to warn or milemarkers before winter. When I go to change the lockouts ill pull the front axles and wheel bearings and repack or replace them then. An oil change is on my to do list but that will have to wait till i get some $$$ which is always an issue.

Last night I stained the first bench. It came out really good. Tonight i put on the first coat of clear, wow, it looks great. Ive been leaving the bench to work on at night so it gives it time to dry over night, and its eaiser to work on it at night than anything else.

Well thats about it for this post.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Another new toy.

Here we go again. I just traded off my 63 for a 79 chevy pickup. its got a 355 with a 2 barrel holly and 4 speed w/ granny gear. Sitting on 36" tires. This new truck is all ready for the road. the guy drove it here from south bend. It needs some tlc but not as near as much as the 63 did. The biggest thing with this truck is I CAN DRIVE IT. I cant say that about all the deals ive done. So here we go, another summer of multiple projects. I wonder buy the end of the year how much i will get done. So far i got the camper to finish, i started working on the dodge again, I'm still working on the benches, and now on top off all that i got this latest truck. But there is nothing i have to do right now to this truck. so i can focus on the other projects. I think the dodge will get put back together after replaceing the fan bearing. I dont have the money right now for the fan clutch which is all i need yet for it. i can drive it if i have to without a fan. I really need to get to work on the camper, I may need to live in it for a while and that cant happen in the shape its in now.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


I just love getting stuff for free. I was cruising the local Craislist and came accross an add for free church pews 16ft. From the pics i could see that at least the back of them were made of solid wood and would have many uses. When i first emailed the person i was told that they were all spoken for. Then the next day i got an email saying that one person backed out and I could have one after all. So Sat. I drove to Niles to pick one up and what would you know, i managed to get two. The plan is to cut them down to about 6ft. benches and sell them for a couple hundred a piece. the left over wood im going to use to recover the counter in the camper, and the table too. They are extremely heavy but i managed to unload them myself and already got one tore down. If i get my but in gear this should be a quick little project that will bring in all profit. Yea!

Lego Dock for Droid

I was bored  last week so i dug out my old legos and build a dock for my phone. Forget spending $30 at the store to buy one when i can build one for free. Now at night all i have to do is drop my phone down into the dock and it doubles as an alarm clock. I use an app called One Nightstand. Its so much dimmer than the stock media dock app that comes pre installed in the phone.