Thursday, April 01, 2010


I just love getting stuff for free. I was cruising the local Craislist and came accross an add for free church pews 16ft. From the pics i could see that at least the back of them were made of solid wood and would have many uses. When i first emailed the person i was told that they were all spoken for. Then the next day i got an email saying that one person backed out and I could have one after all. So Sat. I drove to Niles to pick one up and what would you know, i managed to get two. The plan is to cut them down to about 6ft. benches and sell them for a couple hundred a piece. the left over wood im going to use to recover the counter in the camper, and the table too. They are extremely heavy but i managed to unload them myself and already got one tore down. If i get my but in gear this should be a quick little project that will bring in all profit. Yea!

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