Sunday, February 20, 2011


That's right, for the first time since Ive left Indiana I have taken a shower in my own place. Now don't go thinking Ive been stinking the place up, until today Ive been limited to baths, or on Sundays when I go to my brothers house I have taken a shower at his house a few times but that's not the same as taking one in your own place. The RV does have a shower and it is big enough but I'm not taking a cold shower.

I actually need one after all the work I did today. I ripped what was left of the rotted floor where the fridge would go and shured it up with new 2x6's underneath and new plywood and then installed some tile squares to match the rest of the floor. However in using the tile i have now left myself with another problem. There is no tile in front of the stove. I didn't notice this before using all but 2 of the tiles. There is some there tile that i can use so it just may look a little odd but it will work. That is if I don't just cover it all with laminate wood floor that I found in what I refer to as the "parts trailer".

I also installed a new ceiling fan in the kitchen. I was hoping to finally be able to walk in the door at night and be able to flip on a light without having to walk over and use the light above the sink. But as I got into putting the fan up I found out that the switch that controls the fan is on the other side of the room. So much for that idea. But now i have a nice new ceiling fan and light. It actually is a really nice fan. It came with its own switch that controls the speed and direction of the fan as well as a dimmer switch for the light. This was another find from the parts trailer. I have been given permission to use what ever I find in the trailer so its been fun digging through it for little goodies.

With the weather being in the 70's the last week Ive actually got a lot done. Earlier in the week I repaired the sill plate on the back door of the RV. It was so rotted that it was actually turning to dirt. Nothing I haven't had to deal with before. I took the sill off, removed all the rotted wood from under it and replaced it with a piece of 2x2, again from the parts trailer. Then while I was at it I decided to see why the front door was screwed shut. I was told it was cause the door wouldn't shut but after removing the 2 screws the only thing i could find wrong was that the lock was busted so the key wouldn't unlock it from outside. That was an easy fix as I just swapped handles with the back door as I don't use the handle lock in the back, it has a dead bolt. So now I can open both doors and get some fresh air coming in. After tackling the doors I felt a little empowered and figured I give the awning a go. The spring was never set after being replaced some years ago and the previous owner just rolled it up by hand. Well as soon as I flipped the lever to "open" it sprung all the way open as if the spring was wound backwards. This didn't surprise me as the awning itself was rolled up backwards too. So after getting it unrolled I then had to clean all the dirt and leaves off. I then took the end cap off and gave it about 8 turns and rolled it back up the right way. It still wasn't going up by itself but now it was in the proper position. Then it was as simple as winding it about 10 more turns and were in business. There is no pull cord so I have to get up on a ladder and unroll it part way by hand until I can reach it from the ground. Next project will be to find something to use as a pull strap. I may just order one.

I also put a coat of primer on the bathroom walls and ceiling this week too. I still have the rest of the trailer to do but that will have to wait  till i get some more supplies. The ceiling still could use another coat of primer or paint and I would like to use the light blue paint I got from my brother on the walls. But for the most part the bathroom is done. So now to get the rest of the place up to par and then I can decide if i want to move in the trailer or stay in the RV. Haven't made my mind up yet.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The cold has come again

Jack Frost has reached out to us once again. My hose from the house to the RV is frozen once again. This is not the first time this has happened, I'm prepared with water jugs filled just for this. So far the water in the house has not frozen. which is a big surprise because there is no heat in there. So if push comes to shove I just walk into the house and get what ever water I need. I have gotten used to going into the house for water. I have been going in every few days and filling jugs with hot water so that I can do the dishes.  I have not tried to repair the water heater in the RV yet so I'm glad that the water heater in the house works. Ive been using the bathroom in the house more and more now that I got the tub surround done. But I haven't been able to take a shower, just baths. The shower hose that was in there before is broken and I'm awaiting a replacement.

I'm ready to start at least priming the walls. Even though some are not secured properly, (they move when you push one them) I'm to the point that i don't care anymore. When i first came here i didn't even want to walk through the trailer, but as time goes on i get used to it. I don't know if its the fact that I've cleaned it up a lot or I'm just tired of being in the small RV with the dogs. The carpets don't seem too bad anymore, the walls just need some paint, the kitchen I will give you needs some work but I could make do. What was I expecting a mansion on a hill? Ive got a good thing going here and Its about time I start to live up to my end.

With my brother due back home in a week I feel I have been one lazy s.o.b. I should of had this place done by now. I know how to do the work and if I were contracted to do this job and my workers were taking this long i would fire there asses in a heart beat. I'm just being lazy. I need to get off my ass and do something. I could make this place awesome if i just put forth the effort. Ive turned places that were in worse shape into very comfortably homes before.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Cold Day With A Warm Attitude

Not much has been happing around here. Been raining off and on for the last week and now as I sit here typing this its 22 deg. out. I went down yesterday to the local social security office and transfered everthing down here. So I guess im going to make a go of it down here. I was very pleased with the service down here. The workers were very friendly, not like Indiana, were they treat you like a criminal. Every time i had to go to or talk to anyone at the office in IN, they acted like it was just a bother for them to do anything. Its there fricking job for fucks sake. Then your put on with another person, because Indiana, in there wisdome privitized everthing so you have to talk with another person, who is always in a worse mood than the last. They act like you just pulled them away from a sunny beach sipping a frozen drink out of a cocconut shell, to move a frozen couch up 10 flights of stairs.

Not down here, I was greated with a smile, and when called apon for an interview it was "Sir, right this way" as they held the door for you. I imedietly looked around the corner for some one waiting in ambush to kick me in the man bag. But no, as i walked down the hallway i was greeted with "So how has you day been?" and i reply out of instinct "Oh just fine." Then as we enter the office this woman turns and says, "Hi, Im Mary and Ill be helping you today. Please have a seat. Ill be back in just a sec."

I was in shock. Waited for the beast to pounce out of the shadows but all I saw was pictures of her smiling kids.  Art work adorned the walls as masterpieces. And as an artist myself I seen some potental hanging on the walls. One piece caught my eye, ive done them my self in school. fold a piece of paper like a pizza and each slice is simillar but not the same as the one next, and the complete opposite. It was a very well done piece and I enjoyed it very much, it made me remember of the pieces that are hanging in my moms stairwell from when i was in art classes.

Mary returned and we went down to the buisness at hand untill she reilized i didnt need to reapply i just need to call soc. sec. and change my address and everthing would change over. AWSOME. She them gave a piece of paper with the number i need to call. And she then walked me out the door. As I walked through the door she was holding open she said. "Have a nice day". I was shocked at the service. But the day wasent over. As I was pulling out of the parking lot my cell rings, "James, its Mary, you havent left yet did you? I looked in the parking lot and didint see you." she says
"No no im just to the street, what is it." I answered. I was actually pulling onto the street.
" You have to talk to another person for your food stamps, ill let them know your comming back in."

Well it took me a few mins to find another parking spot and then walk back in. As I reach the window the lady behind the counter looks at me and asks "You James?"
"Yes, they just" was all i could get out before i was cut off.
"Yea there waiting for you have a seat and ill let them know your out here."

I only waited a few more min before i was called back. Again she held the door for me, as i walked past she showed me to her office and again said "Please have a seat."
Ok these people are really starting to impress me.
"My name is Kim and ill help you go over this application, feel free to ask any question at anytime, ok."
We went throught the application that i had just filled out and even found a way to make a few jokes in there as well. I started to forget were i was at for a min there. That was untill i had to sign some papers. There was more converstation, even a few laughs, and then it was over. As got up I was looking for the the guy that would come in and drill me to "Make sure im telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." but he wasnt there.

Kim walked me to the door but this time i beat her to it and held it open for her, "Well thank you kind sir" was the response i got. As i walked out the door i was in such awe that it could actually be peacefull that I was kind of floating. I reached my truck with a smile still on my face.

It was a good day.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Insight into the future

So ive been following this blog for about a month now click clack gorilla. Through this site i have found a new found respect for what others consider trash. I have always been one to reuse things, not so much for the "green" aspect of it but more for the fact that if i can make it then i dont have to buy it. Over the years I have found many uses for things that most would simply throw away. Call this hoarding or being a pack rat if you must but with the little income i have i must make it stretch as far as i can. I can remember as a young child going to the local college and digging through the dumpsters at the end of the year finding all kinds of things that were just thrown out. Some where along the line i lost touch with those roots.

In this blog you will read about a young woman living in a "wagenplatz" an intentional community of  people "squatters" who live together on a piece of land in a variety of wheeled dwellings. She writes about life in such a community and her, Dumpster Dive of the week. She brings a new meaning to Recycle. Go ahead dont be scared, check out that dumpster in the back alley, you never know what you may find.