Monday, December 19, 2005


This is whats left of my jimmy. It used to be my daily driver but as you can see, dot might have a problem with me running it down the road. Not to mention the looks i would get having to wear a helmet to run to the store.

The side windows i could live without in the summer but with the window frame being a little out of shape now it would be hard to replace the windshield. Which is the only thing keeping me from driving it now.
I took the right headlight out because the housing wouldnt hold it anymore. The lights were still on and working after we uprighted it, i just didnt want to risk breaking a good bulb.
Now she sits among other junk and unfinished projects at a friends house. I still take it out for spins in the corn field (after a couple of beers) and to the local mud hole. She still runs and thats the only reason I need to keep it. Maybe someday I will do something with it.


1988 blazer 355tbi
headers, dual flowmaster exhaust, 6"-8" lift, 35x12.5 bfgoodrich mud terrian tires.

Here is my new toy. At the moment it is just that a toy but i plan on fixing a couple things and turn it back to a road worthy trail rig. Right now i have to trailer it to the trails. a few things need fixed like the radiator and right turn signal. After digging into it a little I have found that the floor will need replacing below the front seats and the rear cab support. Most of the other work it needs is mostly some minor body work. This will be a street legal off-road rig so paint isent that big of a deal, it will just get scratched running through the trails anyway.

I got this after rolling my 89 jimmy. Ive got to widen the stance of it to stableize it in the turns. Its a little top heavy with the stock width of the axles. It can take larger tires but the 35 are ok for now. I was told the previous owner had 40 on it.

In order to get it into the garage. i had to take the rack off the top and let the air out the tires.