Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Damn thats Hot

This is what my dodge looked like when it was new. its been down a log hard road in its life but she is still a jewel in my eyes. with 506,000 miles and counting, and after a few wrecks over the years, and me rolling it she's no spring chicken but she still runs like a champ.

My Camper

i had to have a new project lined up when i got the dodge done. i found this little honey down the road at a sale. $100 and she was mine.
here i am taking the dodge down to pick her up. i had already cut the roof of but she was still driveable.
a little soap and water and she cleaned up fairly well. ill be replacing some of the paneling and redoing a few things. there isent a fridge but the stove and electric heater work.
the toilet was removed and a portable one was put in its place. i have no idea why. ill be putting a new one back in. i also have to replace the water heater but thats not a big deal. after all i live in the rv captol of the country so getting parts wont be much of a problem.
here i am again bringing the camper home. once i get it fixed up a bit ill be using it as a home away from home when i make trips to michigan for the weekend. it will be nice to be able to just jump in the truck and go without haveing to pack up cloths and figueing out where im going to sleep once i get there. plus if i deciede to go out on the town and tie one on i wont have to worry about driving home or sleeping across the seat of the truck. i can just climb in the back and sleep in my own bed. ive been wanting one of theres for awhile now. and if you know me then you know how well this fits.

Dodge Finished

Well it took a little longer than i had planned but the dodge is now up and running. it was just too hot most of the summer to work on it. i worked on days that it was fairly cool. took about a week if i would of done it straight.
i took her apart piece by piece. i did this with a sawzaw and a cut off saw. it was fairly easy taking the old doge apart this is the truck i bought to fix the dually with. its an 85 1/2 ton. it did run and drive but i wanted my dually and my diesel engine.
the 85 wouldnt of held up to the added weight of the diesel engine or the power. it would of been way more work to swap motors than it was to swap cabs. i used the cab and whole front end off the 85 and mounted them to the 93 frame.
here is the front of the dodge after the swap. ive got some photos of how we removed the cab that ill get on here later. she is now legal and road ready. it good to have her whole again. nobody figured id get her done and back on the road. but once i set my mind to somthing i can do anything.