Saturday, January 24, 2009

Future home

well i figured i post a few pics of an idea i have on my future home. my motorhome is on its last life and i will soon be forced to figure out new living arrangements. now that im mobile i dont really want to go back to living in an appartment or house for the time being. i would prefer to keep my mobile house idea. ive been looking at building a house truck or turning a bus into a new home. ive been to alot of web sites reading up on other people that have done just that. and what i have found is there is alot of info out there on house trucks and skoolies. so i started to toy with the idea of a bus conversion. after all turning a bus into a motorhome isent anything that i havent done before. and ive already got a fridge, stove, microwave, water heater, and what not. so all i have to do is find a bus and start building it.

after doing the nascar car redneck bus with my mom and step dad i have learned a few things that i would do different. to start. i want more room head room. that means raising the roof. this has been done before and theres alot of info out there to help with getting the roof raised. next is i want an open floor plan. i want it to be as open as i can get it, so since i want to raise the roof why not make a loft for sleeping. that would free up alot of room in the main floor for a more open area. and if i put the bathroom in the back (like i wanted to on the nascar bus) there wont be any walls between the front of the bus and the bathroom. after living in the rv for awhile now i also know i want a bigger bathroom than is normally found in a rv. so if i take 5" of the back of the bus and make it the bathroom it will have plenty of room to move around as well as make room to keep my cloths. thats were most people change anyways, and with the limited head room in the loft its the most logical choice.

i also want to add a wood stove for heating. this will cut down on the cost of keeping the bus warm in the colder months and will be nice to sit down on a cold night with a book by the fire. my plan is to make it look like a cabin on the inside. with real wood cabinets and the like. in the drawing you can see that part of the bathroom will be raised also. this will allow me to have a normal shower height in the bus. if i didnt do this then only a very short person would enjoy using the shower. this is just a rough idea of what i plan to do. once i get a bus i can customize it as i go.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A few more pics from while i was home for the holidays

My nephew Chase with his nice shiner.
Chase and Kiersten playing in the snow


Well it snowed today. i was really had hoped id left the snow behind when i moved down here. well i was wrong. to make matters worse is i wasent totally prepared for it. my fresh water holding tank which is mounted under one of the back bunks, keeping it from freezing, was empty. so when the pipes out side froze i lost my fresh water supply. i do have a few gallons of water that i can use for now till the pipes thaw. there is also the bath house that i can get water from but the water quality around here isent what im used to. its clean and all but i prefer to filter my water before i drink it. i dont really know if its a water issue or the fact i was using a regular hose when i first got here but the water was nasty. so i got a new hose. a white one rated for drinking water and an inline water filter so once the pipes thaw i shouldnt have a problem with drinking the water out of the tap. i dont really drink water. there is enough water in beer and soda for me, but when i tried to use the tap water to make coffee i ended up dumping the whole pot out. i only just got the new hose a filter so i havent tested it yet. it did taste ok when i first hooked the new filter up straight out of the hose so i dont think ill have a problem with it.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ice Skating

Took the kids ice skating for the first time. its been years since ive been on the ice and actually enjoyed it more than i had thought. who would of guessed that i would have to move 1000 miles south to enjoy ice skating. the kids too to it like ducks in water. it didnt take long to remember that you dont skate too close to the little ones. they will take you down every time. but i only fell once the whole night so that aint bad.