Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well it snowed today. i was really had hoped id left the snow behind when i moved down here. well i was wrong. to make matters worse is i wasent totally prepared for it. my fresh water holding tank which is mounted under one of the back bunks, keeping it from freezing, was empty. so when the pipes out side froze i lost my fresh water supply. i do have a few gallons of water that i can use for now till the pipes thaw. there is also the bath house that i can get water from but the water quality around here isent what im used to. its clean and all but i prefer to filter my water before i drink it. i dont really know if its a water issue or the fact i was using a regular hose when i first got here but the water was nasty. so i got a new hose. a white one rated for drinking water and an inline water filter so once the pipes thaw i shouldnt have a problem with drinking the water out of the tap. i dont really drink water. there is enough water in beer and soda for me, but when i tried to use the tap water to make coffee i ended up dumping the whole pot out. i only just got the new hose a filter so i havent tested it yet. it did taste ok when i first hooked the new filter up straight out of the hose so i dont think ill have a problem with it.

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