Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 4

well its day 4 and im still crashing on my brothers couch. there still isent any power at the trailer. i did manage to get the brakes fixed on my truck after replaceing the drivers side caliper, and new front brakes. both sides were worn bad but the drivers side was down to metal. cost me $10 at O'reilleys to have each rotor turned. i hope this set lasts alot longer than the other set did. ive had nothing but problems with the brakes on this truck.

the woman who owns the trailer that im supposed to be moving into is not showing much signs of wanting to get things going. im starting to get a little pissed. the power was supposed to be turned on all ready and i really cant do anything without power. this whole move isent starting out good at all.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Made it to NC

well i finally arrived in jacksonville. the weather on the way down was horable. most of the way through the mountains it was snowing. i didnt have to much trouble with traction, not with the weight of the fifthweel and all the crap that i had loaded in it. we arrived in jacksonville to find more snow on the ground then we had in elkhart. after a short nap at my brothers we headed out to see the property. the power was shut off so i had to stay the night at my brothers.

day two hasent faired much better. the brakes on my truck are grinding pretty bad and it wouldnt start this morning. i forgot to plug it in last night and killed the battery trying to start it. its going to cost $150 deposit that i dont have. i didnt bring my rv battery cause i was using it in the bronco. so i have no power and no heat. untill i can get some power out there i cant do anything. i cant afford to buy new batteries either. so for now im stuck at my brothers till i can get power. the trailer is in really rough shape and is going to take alot of work to get it livable

Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Next Adventure

With recent changes in my life, i have once again decieded to hit the road. this time ive picked up a 31 foot fifth wheel. No bartering on this one. I worked a deal with a close family friend to make payments on it. I dare say i got a good deal. It pulled great on the way home, and to my, and the last owner, suprise the brakes even work. I do how ever need to figure out why the brakes only work when i manually use the brake controler in the truck.

The front had two single beds like the motorhome did and i have already combined them to make a full size bed. i will be putting my matress from the house in there when the time comes to hit the road. the rear of the rv had a full size bed that i have pulled out and am in the process of building a work bench across the back. I wont be hauling my trailer behind me anymore. I would like to build a small 5 ft. or so deck off the back that could hold my genny and motorcycle. that will have to wait till spring though. It has already started to snow here and im not laying in the snow and welding a deck on the back. Ill just have to leave the bike here in Indiana for now, and come back for it when the weather warm.

My goal is to be out of here by the New Year, and in order for that to happen ive got to finish the bench in the back, transfer all my tools from the trailer to the fifth wheel, plum in a water tank (remove by p.o.) and water pump, and install a more realible source of heat. Until i get the fifth wheel paid off (4 months) it will be tight trying to figure out where i will park at. I wont have the money for and a rv park. I havent figured out exactly how im going to do this yet but some how, some way, it will happen.

I will also be taking both of my dogs with me this time. So that just adds to the head ache. Dont get me wrong I love my dogs, but having two Saint Bernards the the rv with me is going to limit the places i can stay at.

Well thats the plan for now. plans always change, but we wont know to what, until it happens.