Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Made it to NC

well i finally arrived in jacksonville. the weather on the way down was horable. most of the way through the mountains it was snowing. i didnt have to much trouble with traction, not with the weight of the fifthweel and all the crap that i had loaded in it. we arrived in jacksonville to find more snow on the ground then we had in elkhart. after a short nap at my brothers we headed out to see the property. the power was shut off so i had to stay the night at my brothers.

day two hasent faired much better. the brakes on my truck are grinding pretty bad and it wouldnt start this morning. i forgot to plug it in last night and killed the battery trying to start it. its going to cost $150 deposit that i dont have. i didnt bring my rv battery cause i was using it in the bronco. so i have no power and no heat. untill i can get some power out there i cant do anything. i cant afford to buy new batteries either. so for now im stuck at my brothers till i can get power. the trailer is in really rough shape and is going to take alot of work to get it livable

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