Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dodge Finished

Well it took a little longer than i had planned but the dodge is now up and running. it was just too hot most of the summer to work on it. i worked on days that it was fairly cool. took about a week if i would of done it straight.
i took her apart piece by piece. i did this with a sawzaw and a cut off saw. it was fairly easy taking the old doge apart this is the truck i bought to fix the dually with. its an 85 1/2 ton. it did run and drive but i wanted my dually and my diesel engine.
the 85 wouldnt of held up to the added weight of the diesel engine or the power. it would of been way more work to swap motors than it was to swap cabs. i used the cab and whole front end off the 85 and mounted them to the 93 frame.
here is the front of the dodge after the swap. ive got some photos of how we removed the cab that ill get on here later. she is now legal and road ready. it good to have her whole again. nobody figured id get her done and back on the road. but once i set my mind to somthing i can do anything.

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