Thursday, May 03, 2007

James & Steve Auto Lot

Just a few pics of the vehicles that we have sitting around

left to right my 88 blazer, my 84 blazer, steve's 79 truck

steve's 89 blazer. tires off my 88 (too small for my blazer, fit his nicely)

whats left of my 89 jimmy, borrowed a few parts off it.

beer and corn field didnt mix too well. notice the roof sitting on the car behind it

she became a mud toy till i blew it up. behind is steves 67 chevy long box. after a complete restore its now just sitting collecting rust again. what a shame

my 93 dodge after i jacked the roof up, in the process of replacing the cab. right : sisters car

left: steve's new car, right: steve's old car

future derby car, and old derby car

not too much damage

oops, guess i was wrong

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