Monday, December 19, 2005


This is whats left of my jimmy. It used to be my daily driver but as you can see, dot might have a problem with me running it down the road. Not to mention the looks i would get having to wear a helmet to run to the store.

The side windows i could live without in the summer but with the window frame being a little out of shape now it would be hard to replace the windshield. Which is the only thing keeping me from driving it now.
I took the right headlight out because the housing wouldnt hold it anymore. The lights were still on and working after we uprighted it, i just didnt want to risk breaking a good bulb.
Now she sits among other junk and unfinished projects at a friends house. I still take it out for spins in the corn field (after a couple of beers) and to the local mud hole. She still runs and thats the only reason I need to keep it. Maybe someday I will do something with it.

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