Saturday, February 12, 2011

The cold has come again

Jack Frost has reached out to us once again. My hose from the house to the RV is frozen once again. This is not the first time this has happened, I'm prepared with water jugs filled just for this. So far the water in the house has not frozen. which is a big surprise because there is no heat in there. So if push comes to shove I just walk into the house and get what ever water I need. I have gotten used to going into the house for water. I have been going in every few days and filling jugs with hot water so that I can do the dishes.  I have not tried to repair the water heater in the RV yet so I'm glad that the water heater in the house works. Ive been using the bathroom in the house more and more now that I got the tub surround done. But I haven't been able to take a shower, just baths. The shower hose that was in there before is broken and I'm awaiting a replacement.

I'm ready to start at least priming the walls. Even though some are not secured properly, (they move when you push one them) I'm to the point that i don't care anymore. When i first came here i didn't even want to walk through the trailer, but as time goes on i get used to it. I don't know if its the fact that I've cleaned it up a lot or I'm just tired of being in the small RV with the dogs. The carpets don't seem too bad anymore, the walls just need some paint, the kitchen I will give you needs some work but I could make do. What was I expecting a mansion on a hill? Ive got a good thing going here and Its about time I start to live up to my end.

With my brother due back home in a week I feel I have been one lazy s.o.b. I should of had this place done by now. I know how to do the work and if I were contracted to do this job and my workers were taking this long i would fire there asses in a heart beat. I'm just being lazy. I need to get off my ass and do something. I could make this place awesome if i just put forth the effort. Ive turned places that were in worse shape into very comfortably homes before.

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Anonymous said...

Remember when you "lived" with us and ours froze. Funny but pain in the ass.