Monday, April 12, 2010

Another new toy.

Here we go again. I just traded off my 63 for a 79 chevy pickup. its got a 355 with a 2 barrel holly and 4 speed w/ granny gear. Sitting on 36" tires. This new truck is all ready for the road. the guy drove it here from south bend. It needs some tlc but not as near as much as the 63 did. The biggest thing with this truck is I CAN DRIVE IT. I cant say that about all the deals ive done. So here we go, another summer of multiple projects. I wonder buy the end of the year how much i will get done. So far i got the camper to finish, i started working on the dodge again, I'm still working on the benches, and now on top off all that i got this latest truck. But there is nothing i have to do right now to this truck. so i can focus on the other projects. I think the dodge will get put back together after replaceing the fan bearing. I dont have the money right now for the fan clutch which is all i need yet for it. i can drive it if i have to without a fan. I really need to get to work on the camper, I may need to live in it for a while and that cant happen in the shape its in now.

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