Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I just like to rant some times

ok this is my blog so I can rant, bitch and moan and there isn't anything you can do about it. Today I decided to take my bike for a ride. I would have gone yesterday but after getting it all ready to go I find that the battery is dead. So I had to go today. I rode about 15mi and it dies on me. The battery has gone dead again. So I push it about 2-3 blocks to a good hill. I put it in 2nd gear and pull the clutch. It gets to 10mph and I let it go and off I go. I come to a stop light and this dumb bitch in front of me dicks around and it dies on me. This time there is no hill to push it down so I push it about 3-4 blocks and coast onto the side walk so IM out of the road.

I start to take my helmet off and one of the city cops sees me and decides to check things out. Now IM pissed cause I just let my insurance cancle. but to my suprise he doesent ask for insurance. and i dont get a ticket. he does make me move it to a parking lot of an insurance company(kind of funny right) i go inside and they let me use the phone and i call for a ride. while im waiting i find the problem( well at least one of the problems) the buddy i got the bike from did a shit job at connecting the new stator and the wires have corroded and one is broke. so i spend the rest of this nice day solidering the wires (i found alot of things he done half ass) together. and by the time i got it done and the battery charged it was getting late and i had to park it for the night. so maybe tommarow ill get some ridding in who knows.

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