Thursday, January 12, 2006

Well Over Due

Well it got up to 55F today so of course I had to go for a ride. It felt so good to get back on the old girl. I've done some mods over the last couple days as shown in the pictures. I have had to repaint the triple tree several times because my keys rub the paint off. The paint started to get pretty thick so I decided to take it off with a wire wheel and found I love the look of it with no paint. And to make them match I had to do the risers too.

After my little ride I found that my placement of the plate after cutting the rear fender off had some clearance problems. It seems the tire fixed the problem for me quite nicely. Cutting the fender down gives it a more modern sport bike look.

As you can see the old fender made it look like the typical 80s bike. Kind of gave it a face lift.

1 comment:

The Snark said...

I would call that more of a butt tuck than a face lift :-)