Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Let the good times roll

Its not often that we get together so when we do we like to have a good time. From left to right is me, Bernie (my dad), Sue (my step-mom), Shawn aka. She-Shawn (sister in-law, [he-Shawn's wife]), Shawn aka. He-Shawn(step-brother). Josh (step-brother) was supposed to be there but pussed out. We had some great food and a lot of beer. He-Shawn suggested some kind of tequila that's like $50 a fifth. We did 4 or 5 shots each before the night was over. After we left the bar we went to joshes house to mess with him and try to get him to drink a beer but he pussed out again. Said he drank too much the night before. We ended the night and went back to The Shawn's house were Dad and Sue went home and I crashed on Shawns couch.

it was a fun night that must be done again. Maybe next time we'll get some more people to join in and have an even better time.

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