Tuesday, July 25, 2006

R1 tail swap

As is my nature I couldn't leave well enough alone. I bought a R1 tail off ebay and now I've begun the task of making it fit the fizzer. I knew it wasn't going to be a simple bolt on job but IM always up for a challenge. Airtech sells a kit that is made for the fizzer to make it look similar to a r1 but many have done this mod and I figured id try my luck at using an actual r1 tail.

After removing the rear fairing and the tail light that I had mocked up from the vision. Which I spent many hours making it fit. I was ready to start the task of removing all the brackets from the sub-frame. I will have to make up a coolant bottle and move the wiring that was mounted to the side.

After hours of grinding, I had to do some more grinding, and when that was done I had to do some more grinding. Now I've got it all ready to start the hard stuff. The tail now fits onto the sub-frame. After sitting the tail in place I realized that the stock fizzer seats wont work with the new tail. So off to ebay I go to see if I can get a set for cheap. For now IM waiting on the seats. Once I get the seats and the tail were I want it ill have to make an under-tail out of some abs plastic.

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Anonymous said...

it is really a shit of a work that has been done, it look like a '70 bike now!