Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New (to me) Camper Renovation

Well ive finally gotten around to getting some work done on the camper. Its a `74 KZ inc Sportsmen. Picked it up for $100 last fall and now its finally warm enough to get out there and get some work done on her.
She isent too bad from the outside. A few new lights and a few patches in the roof, (which i did before the snow started to fall) is all she will really need. That is on the outside that is.
Once i got inside i seen the rotted paneling right away but hoped it was just minor damage, but after the motorhome i knew better. Once i got the paneling tore out that there is extensive water damage to all four corners. The rear is going to be the most problems. I cant just rip the rear out without tearing all the siding off the outside jut to get to the rear Damage. Its hard to see in the pics but the rear header that goes from side to side is completly rotted out. The paneling pretty much fell out as i started to get to work on her.

The front is just as bad as the rear but will be much eaiser to fix. Thats because i plan on redesigning the front completely. I want to change the curve in the front. The curve does give more room to move about in the bunk area but it will act like a sail going down the freeway. The plan is to go straight from the top of the front window to just in front of the side windows. This will be much eaiser to get new paneling in there and should help deflect the wind better than it is now
The overall setup is pretty simple. Thats the way i want to keep it. What you see as a fridge is actually just an old school ice box. I would like to replace that with 3 way fridge when i get the funds. The stove is just a two burner which is just fine for now, again with more funds id like to get a flush mount stove and sink with covers so when not in use would make a nice counter top. If i can get my hands on some good wood id love to make a butcher block counter top. There was just an add on craigslist for somthing like 32 square foot of oak flooring that id like to get for $20. but that will have to wait for now. at least till i get the rest of the camper in working order.

Im going to ditch the old fiberglass insulation and us the blue foam that i used in the moterhome to cover the windows. if i cut it to fit tight it should give me better R value than anything else. Plus i have it on had so the price is right.

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