Thursday, November 04, 2010

94 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL

Another trade. Suprised? I think not. This time I got a deal. Traded the 79 gmc aka. Big Red even up for the car. So far Ive gotten the better of the deal. The owner of the car was a 18 year old kid and it shows. I spent the first two days cleaning the dang thing out. It needed new front tires, but i managed to trade an air compessor that i got for free, for two Firestone Firehawks SZ50 EP RFT. $318 per tire. i think i made a good trade. next thing it needed was a iac valve. $95 from advance auto, $30 for oil and filter, and next will be brakes. it needs them bad but i dont have the money as of yet for brakes. it needs a few other things like a new divers window motor, glove box, and a few other small things but over all this is a nice car. ive already replaced the busted radio with another one, it wont play cd's but at least the radio works for now, along with both front speakers. not sure about the backs as they removed the stock wires to run pre-outs for an amp.

    The GT sports a removable glass sun roof. which is cool. hehe. the exhaust is a bit loud for my taste but its in like new shape so ill live with it. i think i could easly sell this car for $5000 but for now i would like to keep it as it is much better on gas than my ford. Ill see how it handles the snow. hopefully i can drive it this winter unless the snow is too bad then ill just have to switch to the ford.

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