Friday, January 24, 2014

1-24-2014 update

I havent posted in along time. Life hasa way of keeping you busy. This will be short cause its not easy to type on my tablet. Im still in michigan. Still have the shop although its more of a hobby now. The business plans I had for it fell apart but I kept the building and am trying to build up a customer base.

I got engaged and then finally had a youngin of my own. A beautiful baby girl names Alexis Grace White. She fills my life with joy and excitement every day. Im a stay at home dad which is great. Tina my soon to be wife works and I raise the baby. We have known each other for over 15 years. It took her some time to realize we should be together. I knew it all along. Lol.

Ive done some good trades lately and will have to post about them later. Ive switched gears some on the direction I want to go in life. Ive turned toward getting a home, growing a garden, and raising a family. I still have apassion on living as simple as I can. More so for the financial aspects.  If I can live without the need for me to work 9-5 then that frees me up to pursue my other passions. Currently im relying on my disability to get me through but if the system fails I want to be able to still provide. I will always figure out a way. First I need a home with some land and then I can build my empire.

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