Friday, March 04, 2005

A little mud on the tires

This is my 89 gmc jimmy. Its a tough little truck no matter what anyone says. I have had more fun in this truck than any other vehicle I have ever owned. Even now that it has been beat on it still takes a lickin and keeps on ticking. Its still going strong today even after sinking it in mud and water, and ramping it through the air like it had wings. I've already done so much work to it that its almost a new truck today. The only thing to do next is redo the body that is rusting out. Its not all the pretty blue that it was (about the color of the blue car behind it) but I kind of like primer gray. A little by little some day I will have it looking new again.

Just as a side note it took forever to get all the mud off of it and out of the inside. I had to strip every thing out of it including the carpet. Some people think I'm crazy for keeping it but I have done so much work to it I cant bare to think of ever getting rid of it. If I spent half the time on my past relationships as I have on fixing this thing then I probally would be married right now. But at the time being I am happy with my jimmy. Though I know this jimmy is a she because she acts just like a woman. Costing me a fortune to keep her happy, never seems I get all the jobs done that she wants me to do, and the moment I get comfortably she has to bring up the past and throws a fit. Posted by Hello

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