Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Just Got Really Lucky

most of the time me and law enforcement don't get along. as some of you may know i just lost my license for 2 months. before this happended i had ordered some new foot pegs for my fzr600 from my local dealer. well i had all but forgeten about them till today when they call and say if i don't come and pick them up there gonna put them out on the shelf and charge me a restocking fee. so since i already paid for them and i do need them i decide to just jump on fzr and ride on over there.

i get on my helmet, jacket, boots, and gloves hook up my net to the back seat and off i go. i got to the end of my road, and what do i see..... the local pd. instatant fear rushes through me. here i am no license, i took the plate off the vision and just slapped it on the fzr,no insurance, and to top it all of the bike has a loud Vance&Hines pipe on it. i check out my mirror (only have one, other one is busted off) and i see him pull out and get in behind me. my heart stops i know i screwed. i turn left and he follows, i get red at the next light. by now i know he's running my plate and I'm hoping Indiana cant see that Michigan has suspended me. i go through the next light and make another left, and he is still there.

so now I'm thinking I'm in the clear, he doesn't know, I'm good, just watch myself, and try not to draw attention. i keep checking my mirror and i can see that he is dropping back, I'm not speeding so, its all good. i get to keep my bike for another day. i get to the dealer, use my signal and hand signals, and then just as i pull in he cuts off the car that had gotten behind me, flips his lights on and pulls in right behind me boxing me in. i get off the bike as he is walking up to me. i get my gloves off and i can see he is waiting for me to take off my helmet. i get the helmet off:

officer: you James
me: yea
officer: you know you shouldn't be riding, i ran your plate and it came as your license being suspended
me: yea, i know (no attitude i know I'm screwed)
officer: why you riding
me: well, (i had time to think of this while i was waiting for him to pull me over when i first saw him) i had to go to the drug store to get my blood thinners (no lie i was stopping there on the way home) and i couldn't get anyone to give me a ride so since i had to go out i figured id get my parts at the same time.
officer: what drug store were you going to
me: osco right back there on my way home.
officer: why didn't you stop there first
me: i didn't want to have to cross traffic
officer: you know this could now cost you a tow and impound fee not to mention the added court costs.
me: yea I'm really sorry but i had too. i can call someone to come get the bike if you'll let me. i know I'm not supposed to be riding. ill leave it here and get a ride.
officer: the reason i got behind you was cause you bike is so loud
me: (i didn't say nothing just kind of shook my head like OK)
officer: tell you what, if i see you out here again I'm gonna impound the bike and take you to jail.
me: (big sigh of relief) thank you. and have a nice day.

he goes and gets in his car as i walk into the dealer and of course everyone in there was like "what he stop you for" and i told them loud exhaust, and walk over to the parts counter. get my parts and ask the guy if they had a phone i can use to call for my truck. they say no problem and i call. my mom had just left to get my nephew a hair cut and left one sleeping kid with my dad who didn't have a car seat. so i had to wait for her to get back. i go out side and have a smoke and a couple salesmen walk out and asked me to fire it up to see how loud it was. they said it wasn't that loud, that guy was a jerk. so i had to defend him (cant believe it I'm sticking up for a cop) and tell them that i actually got really lucky cause my license just got suspended.

i got to chat with the salesman while i was waiting and check out all the new bikes. so now i bet when i go in there they will remember me and i might actually get good service

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