Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I finally went down

Well i knew it would happen some day. i was headed up to michigan for the weekend on my FZR. i hate taking the main roads so i took back roads most of the way. i got about 4-5 miles from my buddies house when the road turned to gravel. i forgot this road wasent paved all the way down. so instead of turning around i just slowed down a bit and road on. i really dont know how fast i was going but all of a sudden the front end started to shake side to side and i knew i was going down. i hit the ground on my knuckles and right front of my helmet, then tumbled a few times and came sliding to a stop about 200ft. from where i first hit. there was a guy that was just about to pull out of his drive way when i went by. he said it didnt look like i was going very fast, i dont know i wasent looking at my speed, i do know that i was in 5th and slowing.
i layed on the ground for about 5 min as he was on the phone with 911. it wasent so much the pain but the adrelin was flowing pretty good. after about 5min. i could start to feel my body and started to move. there was no pain in my neck or my back so i got up on my feet. i could feel the rash on my left knee, and my right hip. but other than that i seemed to be fine. i took of my helmet, jacket and gloves, and saw that they did a great job at protecting me. my visor was toast but the rest seemed to fair pretty well. no ambulance needed, but they were sending a cop out.
i started to look the bike over as it layed on its left side. the guy helped me pick it up and push it out of the road. i could smell gas but seen no oil coming out anywhere and the r1 tail i just put on didnt brake, just minor rash. both front and rear seat where down the road so i went and got them. no major damage to them. the only real damage was it bent my left handle bar slightly and broke my left mirror. i let the bike sit for a few min. and it fired right up. then a state trooper showed up, and since no one else was involved i got off without a ticket. and was able to ride the bike to my buddies house right down the road.
all in all i was really lucky, the bike shop my brother works for was having a yard sale sat. and i was able to pick up a new scorpion exo helmet for $150, mine was toast. they even had a front cowl for the bike which i needed still from the first crash (my step-bro's) for $20. so that worked out really well. if i haddent needed a new helmet i wouldnt of found it.
the only thing now is when i was headed home monday night i stoped for a bite to eat and i could smell rotten eggs. found that the battery was boiling over and was really hot. it wouldt start after that and had to have my dad bring his truck and tow it back home. whats messed up is i rode it all over this weekend after the crash putting almost 150 miles on it and didnt have a problem. the crash must of messed up the battery.

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