Saturday, December 16, 2006


After rolling my jimmy and only having my vision to ride i bought this dodge from my step-dad. its a 93 1 ton dually with a cummins diesel. it had been sitting for about 5 years after the tranny went out, so he thought. the truck was solid, no rust, just were the paint had peeled off, and a few nickle size dents here and there. i got it with just under 500,000 miles. after draining the tranny and changing the fluid and filter i found that the whole tranny wasn't bad it was just the overdrive. i put about 10,000 miles on it before rolling it into a ditch. (well that's the short story)

i drove it home from the impound with a smashed windshield, no lights, and the roof caved in. i didn't loose any oil after the roll over but it took 5 quarts of tranny fluid to get her to move. once back home i started the process of seeing what all needed fixed. the drivers door and front fender are trashed. as well as the rear dually fender, but those are easily replaced. the roof was my main concern. by using some boards stacked on the floor and a bottle jack i managed to get the roof back up where it belonged. but after that i ran into more problems. the roof is two pieces. an inner and outer shell. after sitting for years it had rusted along the front of the roof separating the two. i had no idea how to go about fixing this problem so i moved on to the lights. the problem with them was easy to spot once i pulled the switch out and saw that the plug had melted. easy fix i simply cut the plug in and plugged the wires right to the switch.

i called a windshield company out to see if they would be able to put a new windshield in for me but they said it was not straight enough and it would crack. so this has left me with only two options. 1. cut the top off and weld on a new one provided i can find one. and 2. get a whole new cab. well both of these options are not easily done, nore do i have the time or tools right now to do this. so for now the dodge sits in my buddy's driveway covered with a tarp waiting for me to decide what I'm going to do with it.

so now i am left driving not my beautiful black blazer, but a p.o.s. that i bought for parts. the black blazer has a cracked head, possible bad tranny, transfer case leaks, front diff. has water in it, and the floors are rotted through. so i ended up taking the headers, exhaust, alternator, starter, radiator, and the steering wheel all off the black one and putting it on my blue one. now this blue one i speak of is a 84 with a 305 2" body lift and 32" tires. i had to lift the rear just to get the exhaust off the black blazer to fit under it. but i went too high with the 3" lift in the rear and need to lift the front now just to make it look right. it has an add a leaf in the front for the plow that used to be on it.

i will try to get some pics of the blue one and then do a full write up one it later.

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