Friday, November 21, 2008

Now Living in the South

Well the dream of leaving home and getting away from it all as been realized. Ive made the move from Elkhart to Jacksonville, NC. living in the RV with my brother. its going pretty smooth for me but I've been living in the RV for several months so it was just a change in view out the window for me. it was really easy to make the move. starting out parked in my parents yard for a few months until now. by brother also live in a RV for a few months with his wife and 4 kids plus 2 cats. so it wasn't anything new for him either. just more room now that the kids are only here on the weekends.

the trip down went pretty smooth even hauling my converted pop up to cargo trailer. i wasn't sure what kind of mileage the RV would get, with it having a 454 in it and all. but the price of fuel dropped from $4 a gallon to around $2 just in the nick of time. the first take of fuel i averaged 4.7 mpg but there was probably a 1/4 tank used up just in the yard before we left. we had to move the RV around the yard a few times and extension cords wouldn't reach so we had to use the generator. the second take got 8mpg and that was alot of mountains. so i figured that was pretty good. (well it could of been worse) i bet it would get pretty good mileage without the trailer, that is for a big motor home anyways.

right now were in a buddy of my brothers driveway for the next week till we can get into the RV park we found. we were looking at one park that had access to the waterway but found a better and cheaper park down the road a ways. the site is pretty nice too. lots of tree coverage and from the looks of it the neighbors are right up my alley. rednecks through and through. funny thing is that our neighbor at the park converted a pop up to a cargo trailer too. were going to copy his idea of using vinyl siding on the outside.

an added bonus of the new park we found is its within walking distance to the boat launch. my brother has a boat but needs a motor with controls so that will be on the list of things to start bartering for. i might end up looking for a replacement for the motorhome aswell. its in worse shape than i had orginal thought. the side wall is comming away from the floor in the front by the door. its out a good 1 1/2" so that will have to be taken care of soon. even down here its going to cost a bit to heat and cool this old thing even without the gaps to let air in. not to mention creatures that we might not want in.

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