Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well we have been here for a few weeks now and where starting to get settled in. Here is Jason and the kids sitting down to have dinner. it gets a little crowded at times but we make do with what we got.
We have one of the few spots in the park with shade trees. the rest of the park is mostly open. I really like our little spot that weve got. Were nice a tucked away from most of the other rv's . theres not much for grass down here in the "hole" so we dont bother with cleaning up the leaves, its just dirt under them anyway, so it cuts down on the dirt tracked into the rv.
Right now we have plenty of room to ourselves. There room as you can see to park the trailer behind the rv and still drop the ramp to load and unload the bike, and in front of the rv we park the truck. so the sites are pretty long. The managers of the park so far seem to be pretty decent people. It took a few weeks to get the cable company out here to hook up our internet though. but were up and running with high speed broadband, so now i can spend my days surfing the net and beign lazy.

Here is the view out the front door. The park cut this tree down some time ago but have yet to remove it. So we have been cutting some of the smaller stuff up for camp fires. The kids love to go climb all over it like little monkeys. Course there isent much else to do around here till summer when the pool opens.

Its been pretty nice down here for the most part. in the 70's most days still. Even got the bike out for few rides around town. Ive already found out that between 4-6pm is not a good time to be in a hurry when going through Jacksonville, Well i dont think there really is a good time to go through Jacksonville anyways.

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