Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still Here

I know its been some time since i last posted. Im still here in Elkhart, trying to figure out what the future will bring. Lately ive been toying with the idea of fixing up my latest pickup camper thats sitting on my Dodge and hitting the road with my converted popup in tow. i still have my 63 chevy pickup, i put the 454 out of the motor home in it but thats as far as i got with it. there is still a alot of work before that truck is ready to roll. The thought of sell it for $2000 and putting the money into solar panels and odds and ends for the camper and Dodge, has been weighing on me. This whole situation of being back in Elkhart is really wearing on me. Im not happy at all. I did make a promise to come back here but i didnt think that it would be like this. I could go on for days about this stuff but ill keep it off here.
No matter what i deciede to do it will be spring till i can get anything going. Until the snow melts the only thing that i got going is keeping the snow cleared from the drive way with the bronco which means keeping the plow in working order. That has been an almost part time job. Other than that i spend my days surfing the net checking up on the blogs i follow, learning all i can on how solar panels work and watching DIY Network, History Channel, and Discovery Channel.

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