Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One hell of a year cont.

I tried to do as much as I could with my grandpa but I feel it wasent enough. He hated the fact that in the end he barely had the stength to stand. He wanted to be outside with me tearing the motorhome apart or swaping motors in the 63. He would tell me a lot that he felt alone down here and that I was the only one that would really talk to him. The hardest thing for me was watching the shell of the man he used to be waste away. Him and I shared a few bottles of bourbin which was the last thing I bought him. The night he pasted he asked me to run up to the store and pick up a bottle, which I did. He sat it down next to his chair while watching a western, with me sitting at the computer right next to him. And that is where he passed away at. Both my grandmother and myself thought he had simply fell asleep in his chair again. It wasent until she went to wake him for bed that we found he was gone. It was very peacefull atleast. For that I am thankfull.

So with our birthday fast aproching the thought of what I will do that day is with me. I usually go to a party that night but always talked to my grandpa eairlier. I'm not much in the mood for a party this year. I just hope 2010 brings a better year. Maybe ill break open his last bottle and pass out early.

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