Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Its getting warmer

Thats right its getting warmer down here. Which doesent mean that im getting anything else done on the house. I still dont have the supplys to finish makeing it liveable. I found out that the work that was supposed to be comeing my way isent. But when one door closes another opens. Now the neighbor lady wants me to take the radio out of her car and see if i can fix the trunk. I also been talking to the neighbor about a garden this year. And after bringing it up with the neighbor lady i was told that the guy im replacing (JC) and her dad where the only ones to get the old tractor to run. So took a short look today at it. WTF i dont know shit about tractors. Im not a farmer. I have no idea how to plow a fucking field. But wait, ive always been able to figure out how to drive things. Ive driven off road dump trucks with 8ft. tires that dont actually turn, the frame pivots in the middle as well as frontend loaders that did the same. From dozers to forklifts to semi's, when it came down to it i figured it out very quickly. So it looks like very soon i will be reporting on the adventures of garding. I'll get some pics of the old ass tractor. I looked for a name but couldnt find one. What i do know is its really freakin old.

I did manage to get the snow plow mount cut off the bronco and boy it sure handles different. It turns REALLY EASY. Like so easy that you can over steer. The front end is back up where it sould be and my brother came over and we ripped all the wireing for the plow out. it looks sooo much cleaner under the hood now. Next order of buisness for it is a muffler. I didnt care about it when i was in Elkhart but i also wasent driving it on the streets anymore either.


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Donald said...

Hi James,

Check out the 3/1 www.IfItHitsTheFan.com

You were the winner of the Thrifty Prepper Challenge, and I need to send you your prize.

I like your blog here, brings back memories of when I had a bike.