Monday, March 07, 2011

Sunday report

Today was a great day. I was up and about in just jeans and a tshirt at 7:30 am. The rain that we got through the night has made a nice mud hole just outside my door on the fithwheel once again. but the dogs are being smart and hanging out under the awning.

I went to my brothers for dinner. Even through Jason and Maria where not there there, we still had an excellent dinner. Roast with carrots, tatters, onions, garilic, salid, with all the fixings of mushrooms, cheese, tomatotes, bacon bits. the works. it was a very enjoyeable meal. .

After dinner i got a call on some work back in Michigan. I was told to call when i get home so i did as i was told and got his voice mail at a little past 8:30 so i let him know i was calling back and now the ball is back in his court. guess ill hear form him in the morning. Im considering heading back to the same old shit ive been doing all my life. I know i can make some money up there. And i cant sell anything from down here. somthing has got to give. Im giving it untill the end of the month. I will have a choice set in stone by then. If i stay down here, there is the fear of the unknown. the suprise of whats going to happen next, and the people that ill meet along the way.

If i head back north i may be able to make a few coin but at the end of the day its all the same old shit that i just left behind. there is a since of familaritly there. knowing where and how to get things done. There are reasons that i left the first time. those things have not been taken care of. so id be pretty much be walking right back into what i left behind.;

so now i got to make the big decision on weither or not to move back to michigan.

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