Friday, March 18, 2011

Long Vacation

I haven't posted in awhile because there's been nothing to post about. But today I made up my mind, or rather it was made for me that i will 100% be moving back to Michigan. Ive been toying with the idea for a few weeks. There's work for me up there, and the work down here just isn't happening. I discussed my plans with the neighbor lady and figured either she would pony up some work and id stay or id go ahead with my plans to move back north. To my utter surprise there was a third option that i had not foreseen and that was she would get pissed and tell me to leave.

So come April 1st hell or high water, I'm getting outta hear. It will suck to go back north just when the weather is consistently getting warmer. Today it was 83 which made me realize one thing. This trailer will be like an oven this summer. I'm going to have to find some place with some shade to park under or i just may cook in here even with AC.

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