Saturday, January 01, 2011

1-1-11 First post from inside the camper

I think its going to be hard to keep track of how many days im here. so for now on ill just use the date for progress reports.

As i sit here typing this im sitting at my computer in the camper. I still dont have shore power so im running the generator to charge my battery up for tonight. i made my first dinner, tuna noodle cassarole, in the camper. Tank and Lady are sleeping on the floor right next to me. The weather was in the 70's today so i came out to the trailer to get some things cleaned up in here. i guess its time to put to use the things ive learned from reading other blogs of people living off grid. Harbor freight has a little 800 watt generator for $110 right now that i would love to pick up. it would work great for charging the batteries and not burn much fuel. i dont know how much i could run off of it but im going to look into it. i could probally sell my snapper and get the small 800 watt, and 45 watt solar kit and be on my way to being off grid for good. but i cant run my welder off such a small generator so i cant sell the snapper.

After dinner i realized i didnt have any dish soap, so i woke the dogs and loaded them in the truck to head to walmart, which is just down the road. wouldnt you know it but the damn starter decieded to go out on the truck. this shit aint funny anymore. i cant afford $200 for a new fuckin starter. i just put over $100 into the brakes. so the next few days will be fun trying to find the warranty for the starter that Bob replaced 3-4 years ago. that is if there is one.

So the first day of the New Year is starting out with a bang.

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