Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ive been following this survival blog blog for several years now The Survivalist Blog. His name is M.D. Creekmore. He has bought a RV, parked it on a junk piece of land, and is living the life that he feels is the best way for him to live. Sound familar? Following is blog i have learned alot of what it takes to live off grid in a rv. All I am lacking in following in his foot steps is the piece of land. Which is what im looking for now. He has made a very nice site, nice enough that he is able to keep his reader base coming back. He also reviews alot of survival gear that many find very helpful. I have taken alot from his site and put it to work for me, aswell as sharing it with my family and friends. So for those of you reading this, if you are wondering where i started with the path i have chosen, read up on Mr. Creekmore and you will understand exactly where im going with all this. Even if you dont want to buy a trailer and find some remote spot in the woods to survive, there is enough information on his site to get you started toward the direction that you need, that we all need to follow. That direction is to simplify our lives and enjoy them more. Building our food stores and preparing of for the world that is to come, even if it never comes. Will only make your life that much eaiser as your sitting back knowing that YOU have what you need to survive no matter what happens.

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click clack gorilla said...

Good luck with your rv. High fives for all the folks making the life they want a reality.