Friday, January 07, 2011

Life so far

I have been posting on the trailer and the truck so much that i have left out the rv. As of  tonight, the rv is holding up better by far than the motorhome did. there are a few problems

1. The toilet wont stop running. hooked up to city water this could fill my black tank fast. simple fix was to just turn the water off to the toilet. i use the sink to add a little water after flushing. the shower head works well to clean the bowl of anything left too.

2. The water heater was froze solid, and in the process of unfreezing it i put my head up my own ass and lit the burner to "help" thaw it. all that did was melt the insulation on the top of the water heater. i figured it wasent a huge deal i would just have to only light it just before use. WRONG. after my brother soaked himself trying to get the drain plug back in and me half soaking myself.  i have added the water heater to the DOA list.

3. The furnace would not get hot enough to blow warm air. that was a simple fix in indiana, i just replaced it with a used unit. cost of $22. plus i still have the unit from the motorhome. but this new to me one seems to work flawless. knock on wood.

4. Front widow frame will need some majoy repairs this summer. also the side window in the front is broken. ill just patch it better than what was done.

5. Rear roof vent is broke. it wont stay down. the worm gear housing is comming apart. temp fix with vice grips is working so far. bathroom one looks like its on its way to doing the same thing.

6. Floor is rotted around the rear door steps. this will be an expensive fix. i may end up just reinventing how they mount and mounting them to the frame. just need some scrap steel.

7. The range vent fan doesnt work and the light is going soon.

Like i said, most things are minor. stuff that i expected. my biggest problem to date is the fact that i havent got the rv exactly level. its still a little high in the front but i cant lower it any further and the back is to low to get the jacks under it. so it bounces alot.

tomarrow after fixing the brakes again on the damn truck, this time the passanger caliper, i will be able to back under the rv and take the concrete blocks out from under the front legs so i can level it better.

Side note. a begal showed up this morning. tank was the first out the door and i didnt get him hooked to the cable before he went over to say high. im not worried about him and was able to get lady on the cable before she got out the door. but she ran right over and all three were sniffing each other. i went back in and let them deal with each other. to my suprise they all three were playing before long. he is very friendly, and followed me around all day. i probally screwed up and gave him some food but he looked like he hadnt ate in a few days as i could start to see his ribs. i had to stop him every time from going in the camper and the trailer. every step i took outside he was right there at my heals. even when i was working on the brakes of the truck he layed down next to me. i even had to get him out of the truck when i left the door open for just a sec. he was still out there when i let them out a few hours ago. hes got a collar but no tags. i really hope he finds his home by morning. i really cant afford to feed another dog. if he is still around tomarrow ill ask around to see if the girls know who he belongs to.  I put my dogs food inside all day but left there water bucket outside. so he has water and he did eat. im just too much of a dog lover to see him starve.


ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

They say dogs pick their owners & not the other way around :) I think you should keep it & take up stealing dog food from the neighbors' dog's bowls!

Thanks for stopping by my blog & "following".

Looking forward to seeing how the dog situation turns out. I love animals. Good luck!!

James said...

thanks for the comment. i got a call from a nice young marine yesterday who offered to take him in. so he has a nice warm home now. the marine took him home gave him a bath and when i last spoke to him he was sleeping next to his chair. so i feel so much better that he now has a good home.