Sunday, January 16, 2011

When it rains

Well if putting $200 into the truck didn't hurt my pocket book enough today i managed to dent it even further. I sold my tv last summer and bought a 23in. computer monitor. My plan was to get a new video card for my computer to better run the new monitor, then get a tv tuner so i would have tv again. As normal its all about money, or the lack of it.

Today when i went to power up my computer my monitor came on for about 20 min. then went blank. I started to fear the worst. This happened with my moms computer a few years ago. I turned the power off but it didn't come back on. So i did a hard reboot. It still didn't come back on. After messing with the connections i figured out that it was all hooked up good. I let it set and had some lunch. After which i tried the computer again. it booted up normal, ran for about 10 mins, then a message pops up at the bottom with some numbers that looked kind of familiar. I googled the message and sure enough it was a video card error. Just like my laptop. So i take a trip to a local computer shop and after talking to the guy we figured it was my stock video card crapping out. he didn't have any in stock so i head over to best buy to see what they have. As i stood there looking at the high priced cards i start to get sick. There's no way i can fork out over $150 for a video card. then a sales clerk comes over to "help" after telling him what i needed and i couldn't pay high dollar he asks what type of slot i got. oh boy i have no idea, but let me pull out my phone at take a look. i was smart enough to take a pic of my mother board. he says hold on he thinks hes got what i need in the back. here we go, i figure hes gonna walk out with a $200 card and say that's all they got.

After about 10 min. he walks back out with a card and says its $69.99. still more than i can afford but i do some numbers in my head and i think i can swing it. i do have the funds in the bank right now but I'm supposed to use them to pay my mom back $200 i borrowed for my fifth wheel payment. ill explain that later. so i walk out of the store with a new VisionTek Radeon HD 4350 HD Video HDMI 7.1 Audio with 512mb DDR2 memory. Very nice card indeed. but now Ive got to figure out how I'm gonna pay mom back.

Back at the trailer i tear the box open like a kid at Christmas pull the cover off my computer and get my nice new card installed in a matter of mins. all hook up and the cover back on i give her a try. She booted up, i dropped in the cd and installed the drivers. after a reboot my screen was all jacked up. My icons were huge i played with the settings for a few mins and just couldn't get it figured out. so i give a call to tech support and we narrowed it down to my VGA cable. its got to be the cable. it must of got pinched or something. so i head out to walmart this time, to try and find a cable. after an hour in walmart with the sales clerk looking too we could not find a cable so i ended up getting a HDMI cable. If you have ever bought one you know there made of freakin gold. $27.99 for a dang 6ft. cable. what a ripoff. so back home i go. feeling just a bit sicker than i did before.

New cable plugged in and wham bam thank you mam my computer is back to normal. well, so i thought. when i went to enter my password i couldn't get my wireless keyboard to connect. i tried new batteries that i took out of my headlamp and it still wouldn't connect. now I'm getting pissed and damn near smashed the freakin thing. another trip to walmart for a keyboard. i walked past them twice before the sales clerk pointed them out. i got the cheapest one they had with a cord. $19.99. i got to say it is a nice keyboard though. Microsoft comfort curve. so what the hell I'm already in the hole might as well pick up some new AAA batteries too. if by chance they work ill take the new keyboard back.

Again back home, new batteries didn't do the trick so out with the p.o.s. keyboard and in with the new. works like a dream. Now I'm back up and running. Hurray. I sat down with my check book and added all the new purchases in and, FUCK!  i spent $150 today. WTF am i to do now. no way in hell can i come up with that right now. The month is half over, I'm flat ass broke and i don't have any idea how I'm gonna make any money. So i guess mom will just have to get pissed but i wont be able to pay her back till next month. Even then it will kill me next month too. so i hope the new land lady wants to get the work she pointed out the other day done cause i need a paycheck.

Ok so now to explain the money i owe mom. you see i sold the church pew at a auction just before i left. but they only cut checks on the 1st and 15th. so i had $93.50 coming to me on the 1st. i left a deposit slip with mom so she could deposit the money in my account for me when the check came in. With having to put so much into the truck i had to wait on this deposit to make the fifth wheel payment. It was 2 weeks almost before the check came, mom was coming down here and just figured that she would just bring it with her not knowing i was waiting on it. so i asked her if she could go make the payment for me before she left and i would pay her back when she got here and i could cash the check. I have to start an acct. with a new bank cause my branch isn't around here. Well it didn't get done while she was here for 2 days so i still owe her. That should be a fun call to make. 

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