Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Few things Ive learned

Ive learned a few things in the last few weeks:

1. Dogs have a very good internal clock. And they know when your lieing. They know that i wont let them out till 9. Every morning at a few mins past 9 they wake me up wanting out. If its after 9 and i try to tell them its to early they know im lieing and will not stop till i let them out.

2. Measure twice, cut once. Yes i knew this already but i managed to drill the holes for the new tub surround 1 inch to high.

3. You wont know that your roof leaks till it rains.

4. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, if you dont take steps to prevent it from going wrong.

5. Hot water is AWSOME! life can be so much eaiser when you have easy access to hot water. Either i need to fix my water heater or get a solar shower bag so i can take a hot shower in the rv. Trucker showers get old really quick.

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