Monday, January 03, 2011


Still no power, i tried to call the power company today and there were closed for the holiday. dont they know people need power.

My brother and his buddy came over this morning to check out the truck and wouldnt you know it, it fired right up. So me and the dogs headed over to his house to work on his buddys car. after a few hours, the welding is mostly done of the car, most of its primered, i got a load of laundry done, ate dinner and headed back to my trailer. on the way home i stopped and put some fuel in the truck and then stopped and picked up some this on my shopping list from dollar general. tommarow i want to head over to harbor freight and check a few things out. as well as call the damn power company and try to get some lights turned one in this damn place.

Its cold tonight, 28F. right now. ill shut the water off tonight. hopefully i got enough propane to get me through the night. one bottle is empty and the other two are a little left in them. ill take at least the empty one in tommarow and get it filled.

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