Monday, January 31, 2011

Dumpster Diving

Yesterday day was a pretty good day. Had dinner with the fam. and did some laundry. I filled myself on burgers and they were good. My neice also pointed out that there was some stuff sitting out to the curb down back alley, so we took us a walk and discovered a nice suade sectional couch and a bunch of of other stuff in totes. So we went back to the house grabbed the truck and a few extra hands and loaded up the truck. Actually we had to make two trips. It was a pretty good score...

sectional couch - is missing on seat cushion
Palm3c - data orginazer
electic beard and hair trimmer
at least 5 bags of unopened chocolatey carmel cruch popcorn from the scouts
3 pairs of combat boots
2 pairs like new tenis shoes
2 sets of surrond sound speakers
some cloths

There was some more stuff i just cant think of it all. All in all it was a pretty good score for FREE.

I havent got much more done on the trailer. The tub surrond is all but done, just have to put the faucet handles on yet. I took the starter out of the Ford the other day but couldnt make it work again. Im going to take it out one more time and see if maybe its the solenoid. If not then ill be saving up for a new starter.

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