Sunday, January 02, 2011


Yesterday i came out to the trailer and was invited to an oyster feast. Today i was invited to fried chicken, cabbage, chicken and pasta somthing (my guess was chicken and homemade noodle sheets, it was good) and black eyed peas. i could really get used to this down home cooking. in the past i would pass this kind of thing up but as im starting a new adventure in life i took the leap and had a wonderfull meal. Just say yes.  thats my motto now.

I didnt get anything done today. still running on battery and generator power. the woman that owns the property and the mother of shela (the sister) and amanda (the trailer owner), i will just refer to her as momma offered to loan me the money for the deposit to have the power turned on. dont know if i like the idea of that as it will mean me paying the deposit, after paying her back of course. if i have to pay the deposit then that means im here for a year. im not trying to put roots down. and i like the idea of being able to pack up and leave if tshtf. but i guess there could be worse places to be stuck.

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